Philips O’Neill The Stretch Headphones Unboxed!

Unboxing the Philips O'neill Stretch Headphones

Tough and Flexible Cans from Philips O’Neill: The Stretch

Philips Philippines sent us a demo unit for one of their consumer lifestyle headphones, the Philips O’Neill Stretch Headphones. Let me just clarify though that Philips and O’Neill are two separate brands. Philips is known for their consumer electronics products while O’Neill is known for action sports. They came together to create a line of headphones that’s a marriage of good acoustic sound and the action sports lifestyle brand. The Stretch Headphones represents that vision pretty well.

Our unboxing photos and initial impressions below. As usual don’t forget to read the captions on the pictures since that’s where we put our comments. By the way guys sorry if it’s not the usual high quality photos. I was only able to just my iPhone 4 for the pics (they still look ok though).


Before anything else let me just say that the packaging is good compared to a lot of other headphones int he market. The cans come in a hard cardboard (almost plasticky) box. Opening is also easy. Just remove tape from sides and lift the top part to reveal the cans.
Inside you'll find the headphones. The cloth covered wire is actually detachable. I love the color combination of this particular model. Light blue with gray! Awesome design.
The headband is a transparent hard plastic that's very flexible. To give it more personality and branding they put a "STRETCH" branded cloth (material is like from Jeans). This also helps with comfort so that the plastic doesn't make contact with your head.
The cable of the wire also looks great. They covered it in cloth which makes it much harder to tangle and easier to unwind.
So is it stretchy? Well from our experience, YES. We bent this thing in so many ways and it didn't crack or get broken, lol. It lives up to the action lifestyle brand. Very durable indeed!

Initial Impressions

What about the sound?

So what about the sound quality? I was actually very excited to review this because the internet is filled with conflicting reviews. There are people who actually love and appreciate the acoustics while there are some who relentlessly trash it and say that this is just a marketing gimmick. I used this as my primary headphones for a day and I can say that while it does sound okay, it might not pass the taste of hardcore audiophiles. The mids are recessed which takes the level of clarity down. The bass though is pretty good and thumpy. I’ll know more in the coming days when I spend more time with this.

Thanks again to Philips Philippines for the loaner unit! We’ll abuse this as much as possible as per your instructions (since it’s supposed to be durable, hehe).

PS: There’s no official price yet for this product. I’ll post it as soon as I find out.

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