Here Are All The Realme Deals at Lazada’s 6.6 Bounce Back Sale

You can get the Realme XT for under Php 14k!

Are you planning to buy a new smartphone? Realme is slashing off prices on ALL of its current smartphone lineup—including the recently-launched Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro—from June 4 to June 6 at Lazada’s 6.6 Bounce Back sale. If you want the best possible deal, Realme is holding a Brand Mega Offer from 12am to 2am on June 4. Headlining the number of deals is the Realme XT, which will be Php 3k cheaper during the said time period. Another deal worth considering are the Realme Buds Air, which will be Php 1k cheaper during the Brand Mega Offer.

Check out the list of participating Realme smartphones and accessories, and their respective discounts:

ItemOfficial SRPSpecial PriceDiscount
Realme XTPhp16,990Php13,999Php3,000
Realme 5i 3+32Php6,490Php5,971Php519
Realme 6i 3+64Php7,990Php7,591Php399
Realme 6i 4+128Php9,990Php9,491Php499
Realme 6 4+128Php11,990Php11,490Php500
Realme 6 8+128Php13.990Php13,490Php500
Realme 6 Pro 8+128Php16,990Php16,490Php500
Realme C3 3+32Php5,990Php5,631Php359
Realme BandPhp1,390Php990Php400
Realme Buds AirPhp3,990Php2990Php1000
Realme Buds 2Php690Php500Php190

Hot tip: to make sure you get the Realme product you want, add them to your cart before the Brand Mega Offer period so that you can check them out as soon as possible and enjoy those hefty discounts.

IF you missed out on the Brand Mega Offer at the wee hours of June 4, don’t worry: Realme will offer up to 10% discount on select products for the rest of June 4 until June 6. Check out the table below:

ItemOfficial SRPSpecial PriceDiscount
Realme XTPhp16,990Php15,291Php1,699
Realme 5i 3+32Php6,490Php6,360Php129
Realme 6i 3+64Php7,990Php7,830Php159
Realme 6i 4+128Php9,990Php9,790Php199
Realme 6 4+128Php11,990Php11,870Php119
Realme 6 8+128Php13.990Php13,850Php139
Realme 6 Pro 8+128Php16,990Php16,820Php169
Realme C3 3+32Php5,990Php5,870Php119
Realme BandPhp1,390Php1,320Php69
Realme Buds AirPhp3,990Php3,790Php199
Realme Buds 2Php690Php655Php34

For this promo period, the first 50 customers who will get either variant of the Realme 6 will get 6 months of Mobile Legends’ Starlight Membership—a great freebie if you want to reach for the Mythic rank in the popular MOBA game. 

Visit Realme’s official Lazada store to check out all the deals being offered. Don’t forget to check out our reviews on these Realme products:

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  1. Too bad for the XT, if they priced it close to the redmi note 8 pro at launch, it had a chance.

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