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LG Mobile Reports Loss; Remains Optimistic for Q2


With a third of the year almost done, quarterly sales figures for mobile phone companies have started to emerge and it seems like LG Mobile Communications has had to swallow a rather large and bitter pill to the tune of $168 million. Citing several reasons (such as: lower overall shipments, lower interest in the North American region, and marketing expenses for the LG G5) for their losses, they reported to have a 3% sales decrease and 19% revenue drop; shipping 13.5 million unit that has been declining by 12% on a yearly and quarterly basis.

Despite the losses, LG Mobile remains optimistic about the seeds they have planted and investments made with their modular wonder — the LG G5, which was released before any real impact could be made for the first quarter of 2016. The company is looking to bolster their line up with more affordable smartphones as a response to the budget-friendly consumers and the ever-changing marketplace.

Source: PhoneArena

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  1. With an ugly phone for a flagship, there is no way their sales is going up. Modularity is BS, they could have just integrated good hardware from the get go like in S7 or HTC 10.

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