Samsung Reportedly working on a 150-Megapixel Sensor

With the sensor being 1-inch big this time

The smartphone megapixel race is going on another level this year, as new reports indicate that Samsung is working on a new ISOCELL sensor with a 150-megapixel resolution. This is said to be the successor to the 108-megapixel sensors used on the Mi Note 10 and Mi 10 Series (ISOCELL HMX) and Galaxy S20 Ultra (ISOCELL HM1). Aside from an increase in resolution, the upcoming sensor will be physically larger as well with a 1-inch sensor size.

This will trump the 1/1.2″ sensor used on the Nokia 808 PureView and will be as large as a sensor used on prosumer digital cameras like the Sony RX 100 VII and RX10 IV and Canon PowerShot G7x Mark III and G5x Mark II. The rumored sensor will use a 9-in-1 pixel binning tech used in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, resulting in 16-megapixel photos.

Like with the ISOCELL HMX, Xiaomi is expected to be the first brand to use the upcoming 150-megapixel sensor by Q4 of 2020, with OPPO and vivo to use the sensor in their upcoming phones on Q1 2021.


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