Photo of Bezel-less Xperia Smartphone Leaked

Blurry photo is blurry.

Sony’s design language has pretty much remained unchanged for a number of years now and has been carried onto their current crop of devices in the X series. It’s distinct rectangular shape make the Japanese brand’s smartphones easy to spot in a crowd, but all of that was somewhat disrupted with the release of the nearly bezel-less Xperia XA and the Xperia XA Ultra. Yes, many of its design elements and button layout remained unchanged, but the difference was enough for us to almost snub the higher spec’d Xperia X during its Philippine launch. The particular image, found on Slashleaks, featured above has started circulating tech sites and many believe that this could be the 2017 version of their current flagship, the Sony Xperia XZ.

It’s missing the front firing speakers and there might be an additional sensor beside its speaker grille, but it does look a lot like the Sony Xperia XZ. Again, we’re going with loads of speculation here and this might be an entirely new device altogether. What we do know for sure though is that Sony hasn’t been known to make major announcements at CES and tend to reserve them from Mobile World Congress, which is scheduled for February 27 to March 2, 2017. I guess we’ll have to wait for these sneaky leaksters to stumble upon more details about the device in question until then.

Source: PhoneArena

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