PLDT Announces TVolution Roku Streaming Box

Stream Cignal, Netflix, iFlix, Youtube, and More!

PLDT announced earlier today a landmark partnership with one of the leading streaming media boxes, Roku. The partnership gave birth to the newest TVolution Streaming Box which will allow PLDT customers to enjoy over 50 streaming channels such as Cignal TV, iFlix, and Netflix (you need to have active subscriptions).

What makes this offer different? It’s a product that both PLDT and Roku worked on. It’s not just a generic Roku box. Just check the remote control, it has shortcut buttons for Cignal, iFlix, Netflix, and YouTube.

The new TVolution is available for PLDT Fibr, DSL, and Ultera subscribers starting this May for an additional fee of Php299. Apart from the streaming services, there’s also the option of buying Pay-per-View content (most likely the PPV content of Cignal).

“More Filipinos are streaming their favorite TV shows at home. By combining the best of the Roku Channel Store with leading local streaming services, PLDT will offer the most compelling video portfolio in the Philippines,” said Oscar Reyes Jr., PLDT FVP and Head of HOME Business. “PLDT aims to add more channels to build the most superior entertainment offer in the country.”

Source: PLDT Website

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          1. PLDT services? Youre already paying for it on top of 299 per month.

            Buying cignal/iflix services? You will need to have active subscription based on then article.

          2. Right. Is that the same article that said this is not a generic roku box, that it was worked on by pldt and roku and it has shortcuts for services that apparently you are already paying for? So let’s ask the question again, why would anyone pay it in installment and has shortcuts for services you are paying for instead of buying it somewhere else at full price, not supported by philippine warranty, and doesnt have shortcuts for the services you are already paying for?

          3. Okay readers, if you avail this pldt roku you will pay 299/month (until you unsubscribe) for the remote control shortcut and for the unknown duration of philippine warranty. Good luck readers! Have a nice day.

          4. Okay readers, if you avail this outside of pldt you will pay full price of $70 without a remote control shortcut for services you are paying for and without philippine warranty. Good luck readers! Have a nice day.

  1. May I ask the specs of the PLDT Roku? What is the equivalent version of the PLDT Roku with the current Roku roster?

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