PLDT Home Introduces Prepaid Broadband Service

Making broadband internet more accessible to everyone

In line with its vision of bringing world-class internet to Filipino, PLDT Home introduces its first-ever Home Prepaid WiFi. The service consists of a standalone modem and WiFi router that can connect up to 5 devices. Being powered by Smart LTE, PLDT’s Home Prepaid WiFi supports the 700Mhz LTE band, making it capable of delivering high-speed Internet indoors – whether in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Speaking of speed, Smart’s LTE connection can deliver average download speeds of 17.25 Mbps, and average upload speeds of 7.65 Mbps based on Ookla’s latest report.

Setting it up is easy. Check out the setup video below:

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is available at all PLDT Stores and retailers nationwide and comes with FREE 10GB, valid for 7 days, for a one-time payment of only Php1,995. To further enjoy its services, can avail of Home Boost 15, which gives 1GB of data good for one day.

Other data packages include Home Boost 50 (1.3GB for 3 days), Home Boost 100 (3GB for 1 day), Home Boost 349 (10GB for 10 days), and Home Boost 599 (15GB for 30 days).

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  1. How’s the speed? Is it fast? I’m staying in bgc and mobile Internet speed here sucks. I’m sure I’d be disappointed since the modem is using a sim card lol

  2. Eh, it’s the same exact rates as Globe’s prepaid home wifi.

    Can’t wait for the third Telco to shake things up and drive prices down, because right now the incumbents seem perfectly happy with the status quo.

  3. Matanong ko lang diba may dalawang FAM LOAD
    1. Fam Load Open Access MB
    2. Fam Load Free Open Access MB
    nakakalito kasi kung ano ano eto?
    Tama ba pagkaka intindi kong
    NAKA HIWALAY ANG DATA ALLOCATION NG Desktop/Laptop (kung saan naka connect ang MODEM PLDT HOME) sa Phone na naka Wifi PLDT HOME connected?

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