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Polaroid Snap: Camera that Prints Photos Without Ink

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Camera to Sell for Under $100

Technology and gadget announcements continue to come from Berlin as IFA 2015 is still on-going. Polaroid, the company that started the instant photo print craze several decades ago, is not to be left behind. They just announced the Polaroid Snap, a camera that can print photos without using ink.

Let’s have that sentence sink in a bit.

They just announced the Polaroid SNap, a camera that can print photos without using ink.

Huwaaaaaattttt kind of sorcery is this?! Lol.

The secret sauce is in the printing paper. It contains color dye crystals that are activated by the ZINK (Zero Ink) enabled printer inside the Polaroid Snap camera. While the camera is very affordable at $100, the special paper is not. A pack of 50 will set you back $24.99.

By the way, the photos that come out are 2×3 inches. Not too big but just enough to carry with you in your wallet or bag.

The Polaroid Snap will be available in the US come November-December. No word yet if this will reach the Philippines but we’re definitely going to find a way to get one.

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