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Popcorn Hour Popbox V8 Media Player

Popcorn Hour Popbox V8 in the house!
Popcorn Hour Popbox V8 in the house!

Popbox V8

The Popbox V8 is a compact Media Player which excels mainly in media streaming but also comes with a bunch of useful applications and extra features. You’re probably thinking… “hey isn’t that what Smart TV’s are for?” Well not everyone can afford to spend Php250,000 on a brand new Smart TV. The Popbox V8 does an excellent job of turning your 5-year old LED/LCD TV into a great window for your digital media.

Everything you need save for the WiFi card is in the box. All the cables are there: HDMI, RCA, Power, etc. All you have to do is take out Popbox V8 out of the packaging and connect it to your TV via HDMI/RCA.

Comes with the actual unit, remote control, and all the cables you need (RCA, HDMI, etc.)

You have different ways to play your media. You can plug-in a flash drive or external hard drive via the two USB ports. You can then access all of your files using the stylish and intuitive user interface provided in the Popbox V8. Here’s a video showing the user interface in action:

You can also connect the Popbox to the internet either via the Ethernet port at the back or through a WiFi USB Stick (you buy it separately). Once you’re hooked to a network you can easily access files from other computers or servers and stream seamlessly your favorite song, video, or photo to your big TV.

So many ports!

Access to the internet also gives you the ability to download and play with the different Popbox Apps (yes it has an app store). There are only a few that are good like TED and Youtube. Most of the other apps aren’t really for the Philippine market.

Another cool feature is that you can actually download metadata for your movies and TV shows. What does this mean? You get all the details on the big TV before you watch it! This actually completes the whole experience.

Pricing and Availability

The Popbox V8 sells for Php7,999. You can find it in most of the gadget and TV/Audio stores in Greenhills and in other malls. Click here to go to the official website of Popcorn Hour Philippines.

For a more detailed review of the Popbox, click here.

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