Protect Your Galaxy Note 4 With Millerton’s Smart Covers

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Keep your Note 4 scratch and dent free

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is still one of the fastest selling phablets around the world. Since getting one has never been cheaper, a lot of folks have been picking them up and were asking us what kind of protection we’d recommend for it. One good option is Millerton’s Galaxy Note 4 Smart Window Flipcovers. Priced at just Php 1,275, these Smart Covers are stylish, affordable and more importantly, functional as you can easily see your phone’s status at a glance through the smart window to see notifications, calls, messages and emails without opening the cover.

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And since Millerton is a New York brand of mobile accessories, you can be sure that you’re buying a quality product that will last you quite a while.

The Millerton Smart Cover for the Galaxy Note 4 is available through Kimstore, and is priced at just Php 1,275. You can contact them through their Facebook page, here.

(This post was made in partnership with Kimstore)

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