Qualcomm Silently Unveils the Snapdragon 712

It is claimed to be a “better” version of the Snapdragon 710

It has been roughly a year since Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 710 at MWC 2018. While there are only a few phones using this processor, our experience with the Snapdragon 710-powered OPPO R17 Pro showed that this new 7xx-series processor from Qualcomm can match the performance of the higher-end 8xx-series chips while being more affordable.

For this year, Qualcomm silently launched a new 7xx-series processor with the Snapdragon 712. On paper, it looks very similar to the Snapdragon 710 with its Kryo 360 cores, Qualcomm X15 LTE modem, and Spectra 250 image signal processor. The differences between the two processors is that the Snapdragon 712 is claimed to be 10% better than the Snapdragon 710 in terms of performance. This is made possible with the former having a higher clock speed at 2.3Ghz compared to 2.2Ghz with the latter.

*Check out the comparison between the two processors here.

Right now, it is hard to verify Qualcomm’s claims as the Snapdragon 712 will be available to smartphones by mid-2019.


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