Qualcomm Working on Snapdragon 600-Series 5G Processors

To compete against MediaTek and HiSilicon’s offerings

With phone manufacturers working on making 5G devices more affordable, Qualcomm is reportedly working on a 5G processor for budget phones using the Snapdragon 600 series.

According to a Weibo post, the upcoming processor will have an SM6350 internal code name. The said processor will have a 2/6 core configuration—two performance cores at 2.3Ghz, and six efficiency cores at 1.8Ghz. An Adreno 615 will take care of the GPU side, with a rumored clock speed of 850Mhz.

The rumored Snapdragon 600-series processor is expected to power budget mid-range 5G devices later this year. We expect to get more info about this processor in the coming months.


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