Razer Nabu (2015) Wearable Focuses on Fitness, Notifications, and Social

Razer Takes Another Stab at Wearable Tech

When the first Razer Nabu launched it was met with a lot of not-so-good reviews and a lot of criticism. Razer went back to the drawing board then and they came back with the Razer Nabu X. It was a good effort but it still failed to impress with a lot of people complaining about the proprietary charging port. Now Razer is back once again with the Razer Nabu 2015 and hopefully this time they nailed it.

The Razer Nabu 2015 features a new sleek design combining metal, water resistant hypoallergenic rubber, and an LED display for notifications. The signature black and green colors of Razer are still there together with the logo proudly displayed at the clasp. Razer already uploaded a teaser video of the new Nabu featuring a bunch of people fighting off zombies. You can watch the full video above.

The Nabu's LED display
The Nabu’s LED display

In terms of sensors, it tracks pretty much all the usual fitness metrics. Calories burned, steps taken, and sleep patterns. All of this information is shown on the Razer Nabu dashboard which can be accessed via browsers or through a mobile application.

Cool locking mechanism.
Cool locking mechanism.

For Notifications it works pretty much like any other smart band. You pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and you get alerted via vibrations for whatever you want to be notified on.

Lastly Razer through in a feature that would allow people to exchange contact information by shaking hands if they’re both wearing Razer Nabu bands. Not really groundbreaking but at least they tried to make it “social”, hehe.

The Razer Nabu 2015 will retail for $99 and it’s expected to hit store shelves sometime in October.

Click here to visit the official Razer Nabu microsite.

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