Razer Transformers 3 Gaming Peripherals

Razer Transformers 3 DeathAdder Gaming Mouse

Razer just announced rebranded gaming peripherals to coincide with the premiere of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. They basically put the Transformers brand on their DeathAdder gaming mouse and Vespula Gaming Mat. They also came out with a new product though — a laptop case/sleeve. Razer has been doing this for several popular brands lately including Dragon Age, Tron, and of course StarCraft 2.

Razer Transformers 3 Gaming Mouse Mat
Razer Transformers 3 Laptop Case

Price List:

Razer Transformers 3 Gaming Mat: $44.99 (Php2,025)
Razer Transformers 3 DeathAdder: $69.99 (Php3,150)
Razer Transformers 3 Laptop Case: $49.99 (Php2,025)

The prices above don’t include shipping or taxes yet. If you’re really interested though just give it a few weeks or months. We have a local Razer distributor and I’m sure they’ll be carrying these products once they become available for our market.

Out of all the Transformers 3 branded Razer products, I’m interested in the laptop sleeve. It’s something totally new from Razer so I’m willing to give it a shot. For more details on the products, check out the Razer website.

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