Razer’s First Smartwatch Is A Rugged Fitness Tracker


No, it’s not running Android Wear

It was only a matter of time before Razer launched their own smartwatch – after all, the company is no stranger to wearable devices, outing their Nabu fitness tracker last year. Razer’s first offering, the Nabu Watch, is technically a smartwatch but it lacks many of the bells and whistles that adorn the watches of companies like Samsung and Huawei. First off, the Nabu Watch isn’t powered by Android Wear, or any other wearable OS. Instead, it’s like a fancy digital watch that also keeps track of your app alerts and fitness. It’s pretty low-tech as far as smartwatches go, but the upside is that it can go on truckin’ for a week before it needs to be charged.

Another upside is that it’ll work with both Android and iOS phones, and is relatively cheaper – the Standard edition of the watch is just $150 when it ships this month, while the Forged Edition is around $200.

John Nieves

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