Razer’s Ornata Combines Mechanical Keys With Rubber Domes For The Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard


Mechanical keyboards are awesome. They’re tactile, feel absolutely amazing to type and game on but they pale in comparison to the comfort of typing on keyboards with rubber domes. That’s why Razer Frankensteined the two keyboard technologies into a keyboard dubbed the Razer Ornata.


See, the gaming company has combined both the clicky, tactile feel of a mechanical keyboard with the soft, cushioned touch of a membrane rubber dome. The result is a mid-height keycap hybrid that is easy and comfortable to actuate but still has that crisp, tactile click that will drive your co-workers insane.


Two versions of the keyboard is available – the regular, green-lit Ornata and the customizable Ornata Chroma. Razer’s also thrown in a detachable ergonomic wrist-rest that’s magnetically held in place for superior typing comfort.

The Ornata Chroma is priced at $99.99 while the regular Ornata is priced at $79.99

John Nieves

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