Real Pokeball Helps You Catch Them All, Charges Your Phone Too


Pokemon Go has essentially taken over as the most downloaded game on mobile devices by now, and it’s not surprising that companies are trying make things easier for trainers to capture those elusive virtual creatures. GamerReality LLC is developing a real-life Pokeball that you throw at Pokemon to catch them.

The Pokeball is made out of soft rubberized foam material and is sturdy enough to be thrown anywhere without breaking. It pairs to your device via Bluetooth, and GamerReality LLC has developed software that actually tracks the movement of the Pokeball and pairs it with movement within the game. Even better, the device has gyroscopes built-in that allows you to use motion gestures to mimic throwing the ball if you don’t feel comfortable throwing it in a room full of people.


As an added bonus, the device also functions like a powerbank if you ever need to top up your phone’s juice.


GamerReality LLC says it’s in talks with Niantic and the Pokemon Company to get their blessing for their device, since Niantic frowns heavily on people using third-party apps and tools with their game. The project is currently up on Kickstarter, with regular pricing at $55, or 2.5K each. As of writing, the project has been half funded already, with 41 days to go.

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