Realme Teases Smart TV with SLED Panel

It is Realme's Answer to Samsung's QLED Panels

Amidst on a launching spree of smartphones, Realme is also busy beefing up its IoT offerings. After introducing their electric toothbrush, Realme recently teased an upcoming Smart TV that uses an SLED panel. That’s not a typo: SLED is Realme’s latest tech, and is the brand’s answer to Samsung’s QLED panels.

How is it different from QLED? Realme explains that in QLED panels, blue light is used as an initial backlight, which is later converted to white light through quantum dots. SLED approaches things differently by using RGB backlight for the initial stage, which combines together to form white light. Through this approach, Realme claims that SLED can produce a wider color gamut compared to QLED and conventional LED TVs.

While it is still and LCD through and through with the presence of polarizers and a liquid crystal layer, Realme’s different backlighting approach with SLED panels helps it cover a 108% NTSC color gamut, which is higher than the 70% color gamut covered by conventional LED TVs.

With Samsung and OnePlus focused on QLED TVs, it will be interesting to see how Realme’s SLED solution will fare against QLED panels.



  1. Realme had done a great job with its first set of Smart TV’s and it does so again with this one. SLED technology would undoubtedly pose as a great competitor to the rest of the brands in the similar segment. I somewhere came across that it comes with MediaTek chipset, well with that there will be no doubts over the performance aspect also

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