Realme X2 Pro Scores 95 in DxOMark

Outperforming the iPhone 8 Plus by one point

DxOMark has reviewed on Realme’s first official flagship phone, and gave the X2 Pro an overall score of 95, making it better than the iPhone 8 Plus and Xperia 1 by one point. While it is far from the scores of current flagship phones, the X2 Pro performed well for its price point.

For photos, the X2 Pro’s has excellent autofocus speeds and consistent target exposures in most shooting conditions. However, DxOMaark notes that luminance noise is noticeable in almost all shooting conditions. The same goes for how the X2 Pro handles artifacts, as color fringing and flare are noticeable in high-contrast scenes. As for videos, the X2 Pro has good autofocus and target exposure, though performance dips in low-light scenes.

“A few years ago, the Realme X2 Pro would have been an astounding value; but today, the field is crowded with competing offerings that are also aimed at budget-conscious buyers.,” DxOMark said in its conclusion.

You can read DxOMark’s review here.

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