Realme X7 Pro to Use an Unreleased Snapdragon Processor

Said to be the middle child of the Snapdragon 865 and 855

Realme is set to unveil new flagship phones on September 1 with the X7 series. The standout feature of this new flagship phone is its use of a 120hz AMOLED display, along with a bold design with “Dare to Leap” text written on the back and a tri-gradient color scheme.

Initial reports indicate that there will be an X7 and X7 Pro, and the latter is getting a Player variant that will use a yet-to-be-announced Snapdragon 860 processor instead of the Dimensity 1000+.

Little is known about the Snapdragon 860, but insider reports say that it is the middle ground between the Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 855—which could possibly mean that this new processor aims to be as affordable as the Snapdragon 855 while offering a performance that is close to the Snapdragon 865.

As a Player version, this variant of the X7 Pro is expected to have an improved cooling system for better heat dissipation, which was the case with the X50 Pro Player edition.


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