Redmi Demonstrates LCD Panel with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

In-display fingerprint scanners are coming to budget phones soon

For the past few years, in-display fingerprint scanners are possible only with AMOLED panels because the structure of LCDs will have difficulties in transmitting infrared light through the panel itself. That might change, however, as Redmi announced that they found a way to make in-display fingerprint scanners work with LCD panels. The tech is demonstrated on a prototype Redmi Note 8 Pro in the video below:

In a Weibo post, Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing explained that the “use of infrared high-transmittance film material greatly improves the transmittance of infrared light that could not pass through the screen.”

“The infrared transmitter at the bottom of the screen emits infrared light. After this fingerprint is reflected, it penetrates the screen and shines on the fingerprint sensor to complete the fingerprint verifications.” Weibing adds.

With LCDs coming with in-display fingerprint scanners, there’s a good chance that the tech will be made available to budget phones soon. The Redmi K30 Pro might be the first phone to have the said feature, and the Redmi Note 9 might get it as well.


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