Report: Microsoft Killing Lumia Brand


It’s been a long and often bumpy ride for the Lumia brand, moving from Nokia to Microsoft, but sadly it looks like the end of the line for the iconic smartphone brand.

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Microsoft has been trying to clear its inventory of Lumia smartphones for quite a while now, and combine that with paltry announcements in the past few months (even during high-profile events like IFA) and it seems that the company may be looking to kill of its smartphone lineup. The last great Windows Phone announcement was the Lumia 650. 

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An unnamed Microsoft employee says that the Redmond company is looking to end Lumia device sales come December, which also means they’ll be effectively killing off the brand.

The Lumia brand has been the flag bearer of Microsoft’s Windows operating system for mobile devices. But despite their efforts Microsoft’s operating system hasn’t taken off at all, and to be honest we’ve only seen one other brand locally that used the OS on their phones – Cherry Mobile.

If the report is true, then we’ll see deeper cuts to the price of Lumia phones in the next few months. Will Microsoft’s long-rumored Surface phone finally, well, surface once December rolls around?


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