Report: Samsung Electronics, Again, is the Biggest R&D Spender in the Tech Industry

Despite the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, Samsung is still expected to post significant earnings for the last quarter of 2016, even with a sizable chunk of profit slashed due to the recall fallout. Because of the Korean tech magnate’s top position in major categories of the electronics industry, Samsung has managed to weather the proverbial storm. Samsung’s dominance in the tech world is all due in part of the company’s massive investment in research and development.

Data fetched by Android Authority from the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard shows that Samsung Electronics posted the second highest investment among 2500 companies worldwide, at EUR 12.53 billion. Second only to Germany’s Volkswagen, for the recent fiscal year, Samsung Electronics invested in R&D more than rival tech companies Intel, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and even Microsoft. If you consider the entirety of the Samsung conglomerate, it wouldn’t be a tall tale to place Samsung as the biggest spender in R&D globally.

R&D is what makes the smartphone of today capable of tackling virtual reality, armed with bendable OLED panels, and capable of operating with almost as much processing power as a desktop computer. It’s no surprise then, why Samsung is usually at the forefront of these new technologies, given the crazy amount of resources they pour into R&D.

Source: Android Authority

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