Report: Xiaomi Might Launch their Pinecone Chipset this Month on the Xiaomi Mi 5c

The Wall Street Journal reports that Xiaomi might be launching their in-house Pinecone chipset this month, inside their soon-to-be-launched Xiaomi Mi 5c smartphone.

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The Xiaomi Mi 5c has long been rumored to be packing the company’s first batch of Pinecone SoCs. While other key specs of the phone have been leaked all over the Internet, its processor make is still up in the air, leading many to suspect that it’s indeed beating with a new Pinecone core.

According to earlier rumor reports, Xiaomi teamed-up with local fabless semiconductor company Leadcore to produce Pinecone chips. If true, Xiaomi becomes the second Chinese smartphone manufacturer to produce its own CPUs, after Huawei’s HiSilicon Kirin SoCs.

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Developing its own SoCs gives Xiaomi more flexibility in designing their devices, as well as potentially cutting costs for smartphone manufacturing, provided their fabrication methods are cost-efficient enough.


Source: Android Authority

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