Revl’s Arc Action Camera Has A Built-in Gimbal

Revl Arc

Say goodbye to shaky camera footage

The undisputed name in action cameras is still GoPro, but even they can’t eliminate the biggest problem in action camera footage: the shakes. The problem is so bad that there’s a cottage industry built around eliminating that with hand-held gimbals that compensate for the movement of the camera for silky-smooth footage. But while these solutions work, they’re hardly ideal – they’re usually as expensive as the camera itself and are pretty bulky and fragile, which limits their application.

One camera maker wants to change all of that. Meet Revl and their new Arc action camera. Aside from offering the usual 4K 30FPS, 1080p 120FPS shooting capabilities that most action cameras have, their offering has an internal gimbal that compensates for movement in all 4 axes. It’s composed of an electronic image stabilization system that compensates for both pitch and yaw, as well as a mechanical gimbal that compensates for roll, keeping the camera level to the horizon at all times.

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Revl aso put in a few other goodies in their Arc camera, which includes data gathering for speed, rotation, altitude and G-forces, the ability to be connected to Bluetooth heart rate monitors and water-resistance without a case. It’s on sale right now on Indigogo for $399 (around 18.3K) if you’re interested in getting one.

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