Rumor: Meizu Working with Texas Instruments to Develop Mobile SoCs

After Xiaomi’s Pinecone, another challenger emerges.

Word in the rumor grapevine is that Meizu is currently working on developing their own SoC with US-based tech company Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments (TI) used to be in the business of manufacturing processors with their branding back in the day. If gossip is true, then we might soon see TI’s return to the mobile space, as well as Meizu maneuvering┬áto take on Xiaomi’s Pinecone in the mid-range category.

Texas Instruments folded up their OMAP processor fabbing back in 2012, due to the inability to develop their own baseband technology. Perhaps things have changed now, thanks to the partnership with Meizu?

With everything still under wraps and unconfirmed by the two tech companies, we’ll have to reserve judgment and wait for more details. Things are definitely heating up in the SoC space with more companies throwing their hats into the ring.

Source: Android Headlines

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