Rumor: Qualcomm and LG are Already Working on the Snapdragon 845

The report comes from sources interviewed by a Korean business publication

Qualcomm’s latest and greatest SoC, the Snapdragon 835 hasn’t even been in the market for more than one and a half months, and we’re already hearing reports of its successor already in the works. According to a report from a Korean business publication, LG and Qualcomm are already working on the Snapdragon 845, and LG’s next flagship, the G7 will be its first recipient.

The same source also expects the Snapdragon 845 to be housed inside Samsung’s next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018.

If you recall earlier in 2016, Samsung also partnered up with Qualcomm in developing the 10nm-fabbed Snapdragon 835. They also had first dibs in the first big prints of the SoC, which they used on their most recent flagship, the Galaxy S8 series.

The rumor report notes that this time, the Snapdragon 845 will be using a 7nm lithography process, resulting in a much more efficient flagship SoC, as well as an anticipated 30% more performance compared to its predecessor, the 835.

Source: Android Authority

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