Rustic Company Handmade Woolen Cases

The Rustic Case Company makes really classy handmade woolen cases for our gadgets. They look simple and have one design but they just look so good!

The Rustic iPad case and Rustic iPad 2 case both go for $50 on their online store (about Php 2,250) without shipping. The iPad 2 case fits your iPad 2 even with the smartcover on.

The Rustic MacBook Air 11″ case and Rustic MacBook Air 13″ case both go for $60 on their online store (about Php 2,600) without shipping.

In case you have an Amazon Kindle and a Barnes and Noble Nook, they also have Rustic Kindle cases and Rustic Barnes and Noble Nook cases that go for $40 on their online store (about Php 1,800) without shipping.

If you’re looking for a unique case for your gadgets, we’re sure only a few of these are in the Philippines. Head on to their site to order now.

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