S-View Flip Cover Review: Perfect Companion for your Galaxy S4 or Mega

Samsung's Flip Cover evolved!
Samsung’s Flip Cover evolved!

S-View Flip Cover Review

Samsung pioneered the built-in Flip Cover cases when they introduced the first generation Samsung Galaxy Note. Since it’s debut a few years back, we’ve seen the Flip Cover re-introduced across the different mobile products of Samsung. Since then the devices have gotten more sophisticated, increasing in CPU processing power, better optics, and more. Fortunately the innovation doesn’t just happen with the phones, but also with the accessories. The S-View Flip Cover was first introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S4. The cover was similar to the original flip cover (you replace the default back plate with it) save for a slit near the top. When you close the cover that part of the screen actually displays the time, date, battery, and notifications. Cool eh?

Perfect for the Galaxyx Mega 6.3
Perfect for the Galaxy Mega 6.3

The S-View Flip Cover doesn’t just protect your device, it also gives you access to important information when you need it. When the case is closed just press the power lock button and it will display the details we mentioned earlier. It’s actually a good way to save battery since you only light up a certain part of the screen.

Caution on White S-View Covers

We’ve tested both the blue/black and white S-View Flip Covers and we just want to warn you that the white variant kinda gets dirty and stained rather quickly. Even if you’re rocking a white Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 or Galaxy S4, we would recommend you guys get the blue/black S-View Flip Cover so that you don’t end up just throwing the S-View case away since it’s too dirty to use later on.

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S-View Flip Covers are now available in Samsung stores in malls. The S-View Flip Cover for the Galaxy Mega 6.3 retails for around Php1,700. The Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover should be near that price as well.

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