Samsung A3,  A5,  and A7 Go Waterproof for 2017

Leaksters are now looking to the phones to be released next year and have found specs for the 2017 iteration of the Samsung Galaxy A7. Here’s what we know what the A7 (2017) will have under the hood.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Rumored Specs

  • Exynos 7880 Processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED Display
  • 32/64GB of expandable storage 
  • 16-megapixel rear camera f/1.9 aperture 
  • 16-megapixel front camera
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • USB Type-C Port
  • IP68 Certified

That’s right the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) will be dust and water resistant. Our source,  however,  was quick to update their post as they got more information that most of the A series,  particularly the A3 and the A5,  will have the same IP68 certification as well. We’ll have to wait for another tipster to release the rest of their specs, but it seems like this is a step in the right direction for the Korean brand who promised to gain back their customers trust by pushing more features to the rest of their products.

Source: PhoneArena

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