Samsung Announces Support for 8K HDR10+

Bringing high-definition image quality to a whole new level

Samsung announced that it will be the first brand to support 8K HDR10+ streaming, together with key European OTT service providers CHILI, The Explorers and MEGOGO. HDR10+ aims to optimize brightness and contrast for deeper blacks and brighter images.

8K HDR10+ will be available on all UHD TV and 2019 8K TV models, including Samsung’s lineup of QLED TVs.

To improve the adoption of the tech, OTT providers Rakuten TV, Molotov, Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta TV, and Videociety are working to update their content to support HDR10+, while Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment are doing the same for their movie content.

“Our HDR10+ format enables every image to be accurately displayed on screen just as the creator intended,” Samsung Electronics Visual Display Business Executive Vice President Hyogun Lee said. “We will continue to strengthen our industry leadership through establishing partnerships with top streaming service providers and equipping our televisions with the technology needed to support the world’s first 8K HDR10+.”



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