Samsung Executive Describes the Safety Measures in Developing the Galaxy S8

Safety and practical value is the most important thing now for Samsung

Sangkyu Lee, Senior VP of the Reliability Group at Samsung, recently detailed the safety measures and priority shifts that the company undertook in developing and manufacturing their latest Galaxy S8 flagship.

In a global press release, Lee mentioned that Samsung prioritized on practical value and safety over cutting-edge innovation in creating the Galaxy S8. An example of this, according to the senior VP, was the company’s focus on optimizing battery life, instead of finding ways to cut down on battery charging times.

Having learned its lessons from the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung is now stricter with battery design and safety, said Lee. The Galaxy S8 is a testament to that, with a new battery housing layout that’s more resilient to damage. In addition, the actual battery design was improved to reduce, if not totally eliminate, pressure on the electrode as well as prevent leakage.

Software changes were also implemented in the S8, with improved algorithms for battery temperature monitoring and charging metrics. New in the Galaxy S8 series is Samsung’s “8-Point Battery Safety Check” which the company unveiled last January. The company has also instituted expansions with its Product Liability Centers, which will allow Samsung to rapidly respond to any issues with their devices.

Head over to Senior VP Lee’s press briefing for more technical details and in-depth explanations.

Source: Android Headlines, Samsung

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