Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Scores with Awesome Multi-Tasking

Twitter and Facebook running at the same time on the Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Nails Multi-Tasking

We were able to get one of the first batches of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to arrive here in the Philippines early this week and we’re going to publish the unboxing this weekend. However we wanted to quickly give you guys an update on how this gorgeous device does Multi-Tasking. It’s crazy good!

To activate it hold down the back button on your Galaxy Note 2. This will open a small sidebar that has several apps. You can then hold and drag one of the those apps to the other side of your screen (the screen splits into 2) and you can now simultaneously run two apps. The screenshot above is Twitter and Facebook running on landscape. The photo below is both apps running on portrait.

There are a bunch of apps you can do this with including SMS, Chrome, S Note, Youtube, and several others. This means you can answer an SMS while watching a video on Youtube or while checking out Twitter. Pretty awesome!

Here’s the latest promotional video of the Galaxy Note 2. It pretty much showcases all of the features of Samsung’s innovative “phablet” and I’m sure it will make an impression on you.

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