Samsung Allegedly Reveals Galaxy Note 20 Render

Check out that huge camera module

While we are roughly a month before Samsung officially launches the Galaxy Note 20 series (along with the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Fold 2), leaksters Ishan Agarwal and Ice Universe quickly spotted Samsung’s Russian website posting what appears to be renders of the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The renders, which have both the phone and S-Pen dressed in copper, appear to have a frosted glass panel, the same boxy look as its predecessor, and a curved display. The camera module appears to be just as big as the one on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, though you are getting three cameras—one of them being a periscope module—and what appears to be a ToF sensor with a laser autofocus module.

So far, rumored specs for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (or Galaxy Note 20+) include Galaxy Note 20+ have a triple rear camera setup—108-megapixel main rear camera, 12-megapixel periscope camera, and 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, Snapdragon 865+ or Exynos 992 processor, and a 4300mAh battery with a 25w charger out of the box.

The Galaxy Note 20 series will launch on August 5, so we expect to know more details about the flagship phablet in the coming days.


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    I’ll be totally disappointed if they really are moving the S-Pen slot to the bottom left side of the device cuz for so many years it has been on the right side of the device for a good reason… The majority of the worlds population who presumably the users of this device are right handed people. Yes I know that it’s just a placement and people can move it to their right hand if ever they’re right handed people and needs the stylus to write but it’s as simple notion as their decision to move the placement of the volume buttons and side key (power/Bixby button) to the right side of the device… Why do they have to do that? Can’t they just leave the volume rockers on the leftt side and just move the Side Key back to the right side? Why is that so damn difficult?! Having the volume rocker on the left and the side key on the right like ot used to be is just more sensible and makes some things easier such as taking a screenshot and not accidentally having to be mistaken with the volume buttons and the side key.

    I didn’t complain about the removal of headphone jack cuz I know it is for a valid reason… And business wise just like Apple Samsung wants you to buy a Galaxy Buds/+ to fully enjoy it with the device.
    But the movement of the S-Pen slot to the right side is just plain inexcusable and just a total NON-SENSE!

    One more thing which makes #GalaxyNote20 #Note20Plus or #Note20Ultra not a compelling upgrade from a #GalaxyNote10Plus (my current daily smartphone) is according to this article of is the battery size which is the same battery size as the Note10+. is already with the same charginh capacity of 25W that started by the Note10+. Even the screen size is quite of a lackluster if it’s 6.9″ coming from a 6.8″ with the Note10+. I’m not prejudging the Note20 series for it may have a really goof compelling reasons to upgrade with but for someone who has been using a Note phone for almost a decade now and practically had grown up with it… It is simply very appalling and disappointing to see such leaks and rumors… #JustSaying #NuffSaid. #GalaxyNoteUserHere

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