Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Charger Stand

Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Charger Stand

I passed by the Samsung Mobile store at Greenhills yesterday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to see that they’re carrying a few official accessories already for the Samsung Galaxy Note! The first one that I saw was a Car Dock with a built-in charger which sold for Php2,500. I’m not a fan of stuff you stick on your windshield so I passed on that. The next one that caught my attention was the Battery Charger Stand. Check out the photos below as well as the quick walkthrough of how this accessory works. It’s pretty cool!

The Battery Charger Stand only makes sense if you also get a spare Samsung Galaxy Note battery. The charger stand costs Php750 while the extra battery is Php1,600. Combined cost is Php2,350.
So how does it work? First you have to understand that this isn't a dock. You don't plug-in your Galaxy Note and it charges. Notice that there's no connector at the "docking area".
What you do is put a battery inside the charging compartment and connect it to your charger and then it will charge that battery. You can use the space in front as a stand for your Galaxy Note while the battery is charging.
Like so.

This makes sense only if you have two batteries. If you just have one then this accessory is practically useless because you’ll have to turn off your phone and remove the battery just to charge it. This only works if you have a battery always charged at 100% inside the device and you just switch to the spare fully juiced battery when the one you’re currently using reaches 0%.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Charger Stand is sold for Php750 and the extra Samsung Galaxy Note battery goes for Php1,600. They are both available in Samsung Mobile shops (Eastwood Mall, Power Plant, Greenhills, etc).

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