Samsung Galaxy Note cases in Greenhills

Greenhills Vendors now carry Samsung Galaxy Note cases

So you bought the Samsung Galaxy Note with your Christmas bonus. After taking it out of the box and playing with it for a couple of days you realize that you need a case on this beauty. You go around different stores and malls trying to look for accessories but to no avail. Well, good news for you friend! The vendors in the VMALL/Greenhills Tiangge area now carry different cases of the Samsung Galaxy Note! We dropped by yesterday and bought a couple to share with everyone here at Unbox.

There are several cases available already. The usual suspects like the jelly and silicone are there and they’re being sold anywhere from 250-350. There’s also a hard plastic mesh type case which sells for 250 which I’m currently using with my Note.

This case is pretty nice! It comes in different colors: black, blue, red, and white.
Here's what the Note looks like with the case at the back
And a view of the back of the Note

Other cases

We found the original Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover being sold for Php1,500 as well. One of the vendors told me though that this case is supposed to come free with every purchase of the Note but some resellers separated it to make more money (shame on them if this is really the case).

We also found a black flip type cover with a magnet but for some weird reason it had holes at the front exposing the screen. It was being sold for Php1,000 so we skipped on getting it.

According to the vendors we should expect more accessories and cases by the second week of January. They also said that a lot of people were asking for it and that’s why they had their principals bring in the cases from China.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Those flipcases with weird holes on the front are actually well worth the money, if you can find it below 500. I was able to get one for less than that (although I got it from a wholesaler), and I also found it for sale at around 600 in another store at SM San Lazaro.

    The holes allow you to swipe on the screen (to unlock) without opening the cover. The upper hole shows you who is calling. Very handy. And the material is very hand-friend, feels good. I think the case says something like Smart Cover, ala ipad… They comes in a variety of colors, although I think Black is the only one worth getting, unless you are a She, since all the other colors are too pastel for me…

    Actually, I like this so much, that I shop around for similar cases for my Galaxy S2 (no luck), but found one for the iPhone 4 or 4S (which I do not have)…

  2. I also found these kind of cases in SM North Annex and its worth 500 to 600 Php. Phone Twist, i think, is the name of the store.

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