Samsung Galaxy Note Desktop Dock Review

Samsung Galaxy Desktop Dock Review

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note Desktop Dock

When the Samsung Galaxy Note launched in the Philippines there were barely any accessories available for it. People had to settle for the rip off silicone and jelly cases being sold in the vendor section in Vmall, Greenhills. Fast forward two months though we now have a variety of official Samsung accessories available. Here’s one accessory that we picked up at the recent Samsung Galaxy Tab Lab Event at Eastwood – the Samsung Galaxy Note Desktop Dock!


The dock comes in a square white box which is the signature box already for all Samsung accessories. It’s pretty straightforward to unbox as well. Just take out the tapes at the side and take the package out. The dock will be inside plastic and along it will go two manuals.

The dock and the manuals.

Form & Function

The Desktop Dock is without a doubt my favorite accessory for the Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s made from sturdy material and it has a smooth matte finish giving it a premium look and feel. The back with the connectors has a shiny metallic color which is the perfect accent for an all-black accessory.

Photo of the back. Samsung logo proudly displayed at the top
Line-out for audio as well as the connector for micro-USB (for charging)
Connect the micro-USB charger to the back to charge the Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note slides perfectly and effortlessly in the front connecting with the charging port. Once connected the Note will automatically display the time, date, and weather. You can easily go to the home screen by just pressing the “x” button at the upper right.

Yoda likes it.

Pricing and availability

I’m not entirely sure if this is available already in Samsung Mobile Stores. It should probably be though since Samsung started selling it during the event. I can’t remember the exact SRP but it’s around Php2,000.

For Samsung Galaxy Note owners this accessory is a definite must have!

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  1. Saw this last month in Samsung MoA selling for the same price as the car dock (Php 2,499).

    Will it only fit with the GNote by itself?

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