Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

There’s a huge debate now going on regarding which is the top Android smartphone. Is it the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X? Both are amazing smartphones and they also have monstrous specifications. Both phones have their pros and cons but one major deciding factor are the accessories that will enhance your experience with the phone. In this aspect the Galaxy S3 trumps almost all other smartphones in the market today. Here’s a quick rundown of all the official accessories for the Galaxy S3:

S Pebble

Samsung Galaxy S3 Pebble MP3 Player

The S Pebble is a beautifully designed MP3 player that connects directly with your Galaxy S3. This is the ideal companion for people who want to listen to their music during activities that they can’t bring their smartphone with them (jogging, gym, etc). Samsung is claiming also that it has battery life of 17 hours. Unfortunately we don’t have the official SRP yet so we can’t say if this is an awesome deal yet or not. If they price this properly though I’m sure this will sell like hotcakes.

AllShare Cast Dongle

AllShare Cast Dongle

This is another one of my favorite accessories for the S3. The AllShare Cast Dongle will let you stream your media (even 1080p video) to your TV wirelessly. All you have to do is connect the AllShare Cast to the TV (via HDMI) and be on the same network with your Galaxy S3. No pricing yet but again this has so much potential. Looks like a cool set-up is to have the AllShare Cast Dongle hooked up to a Samsung ES8000 Smart LED TV and you have the Galaxy S3 as your media source.

Flip Cover and C Pen

Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

The Galaxy S3 takes a page out of the Galaxy Note playbook with it’s own Flip Cover and C Pen. The Flip Cover looks pretty much like what the Note has except that it’s custom made for the S3. I’m not sure yet if this is magnetic and it automatically sleeps and wakes the phone but I sure hope that they eventually come out with covers like those in the future.

The S3 also has a stylus that you can buy called the C Pen. It has a 3 mm rubberized tip and made from aluminum giving it a very premium feel. In terms of performance it’s touted to be almost as good as the Galaxy Note’s S Pen.

Docks, Chargers, and Cables
Just like all other previous flagship Samsung smartphones, the S3 has a wide accompaniment of docks and chargers. You have the Premium Audio Dock, Desktop Dock, and the Universal Vehicle Dock. For charges you have the Battery Charger Stand and a new product called the Wireless Charging Kit. There are still only a few details about the Wireless Charging Kit but we’ve heard that you’ll need to buy a new backplate for it to work.

These are definitely very good accessories from Samsung and I’m even more excited to see what third party companies will come up with in the next few months. If it boils down to the extras Samsung definitely has a head start.

We’ll update this page once we find out availability of the said accessories in the Philippines as well as their local SRPs.

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