Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Specs Possibly Leaked

s7 active

It seems the slew of phone leaks haven’t stopped as reports of a new smartphone from Samsung has just been seen on GFXBench and is rumored to be Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. The device on GFXBench had the designation, SM-G891A, which the label on a photo leaked in March does kind of confirm. The supposed Samsung Galaxy S7 Active had the following specs listed in the screenshot below:


While the photo does kind of confirm that this is indeed the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active you might be looking for and could take with you on adventures, we can’t be 100% percent sure. I guess we’ll have to wait on Samsung’s next move.

Source: GSMArena

Jamie Inocian

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    1. Hey Angelito! I updated the article with a screenshot from GFXBench to be more precise. I hope that answers your question as well.

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