The Galaxy S8 Active Shows Up On Samsung’s Website

The upcoming handset is referenced in a document on Samsung’s website.

An accidentally leaked document found on Samsung’s international website describes the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Active‘s list of applications it will ship with. With a model number of SM-G892A, the Galaxy S8 Active has been the subject of plenty of rumors and has made an appearance in Geekbench already. Recent leaks are expecting the device to be mostly packing the same hardware as its other S8 siblings, with certain changes and improvements to make the handset more rugged for its “Active” moniker. 

Based on previous leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active looks like a flat version of the original S8, with a slightly thicker frame designed to withstand damage. A US Military Standard durability rating (MIL-STD-810G) is also speculated to be one of the main features of the smartphone. A beefier power pack is also expected for the S8 Active, as is Samsung tradition with their Active-branded handsets.

Rumors are pointing to a June or early July debut for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, so it won’t be long before it launches.

Source: SamMobile

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