Samsung Galaxy Slim Stick Bluetooth Headset HM5000

Samsung Galaxy Slim Stick Bluetooth Headset HM5000

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Slim Stick Bluetooth Headset HM5000

There are already a lot of bluetooth headsets in the market today but there are only a few good ones. Most of the headsets these days break down after a few weeks or they end up as paperweight because they become annoyingly uncomfortable after an hour of wearing ’em on your ear. I’ve actually given up on using Bluetooth headset devices already… until I saw this product from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Slim Stick Type Bluetooth Headset HM5000 is a slick, modern, and gorgeous bluetooth handset that pairs with up to two devices. Oh it’s as slim and small as a pen. This is the perfect companion for the Galaxy Tabs, Galaxy Note, or people who just want a bluetooth headset designed like this. When your tablet or phone rings just hold this up to your ear like a normal phone handset (except that this one is sezzy) and you’ll get crystal clear voice clarity and reception. Again let me just emphasize — this isn’t something you wear on your ear.

Unboxing, Product Build, and Basic Features


The HM5000 comes in your usual Samsung hard plastic transparent box with carton compartments. At the very front you’ll find the HM5000 Bluetooth Headset. Inside the carton you’ll find the micro-USB charger and a manual.

The product actually looks a lot like a thin fountain pen. It even has a clip at the top so that you can easily just slip this in your shirt pocket, bag, or even ID Lace. At the top you’ll find the receiver, the talk control button at the middle, and the volume controls at the side. Here are some photos:

Samsung logo proudly displayed at the outer face together with the clip. Volume control can be found at the side.
Turned over you'll find the receiver at the very top, the talk control button at the middle, and the LED notification light slightly above that. The mic is at the opposite end of the receiver.
Close up of the receiver.

To pair with your phone or tablet just turn it on by pressing down on the Talk button until the LED light goes blue. After that just turn on the Bluetooth on your device, search for the HM5000, pair with it, and then connect. To pair another device just hold down the Talk key again together with Volume Up to enter paring mode. Press volume up once again to enter Multi-point. Pair your second device, connect, and then go back to your first device and connect again to the HM5000.

Battery Life
I’ve been using this for the last few hours and so far the battery is holding up. According to the Samsung distributor who sold this to me this should last for at least a full day before needing a recharge. I hope it lives up to that claim. Will update this post when I’ve tried it for a few days.

Pricing and Availability

The SRP of the HM5000 is Php2,600. I found it at that price at IntoGadgets (3rd floor VMALL, Greenhills). I’m not so sure if other Samsung accessory retailers sell it for the same price.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Is it just me or isn’t it weird that you’re holding something that looks like a pen when talking to someone. I know it’s weirder when you hold the whole tablet against your head when answering a phone call(I’ve already seen this countless times while walking around the mall).

    But what makes this so special? It would have been great if I could also use this as a stylus for the tab.

    I still love my Samsung HM1100 as a bluetooth headset which has the same features as this one but a little more discreet.

  2. I’ve only been using it for a day so far I’m really happy with it! I used to own several other BT devices from Samsung and Jabra and I prefer this one the most. I just don’t want anything in my ear all the time. I’d rather get this from my shirt pocket when I get a call or when I have to make a call.

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