Samsung Gear Fit 2 Review: An All-Around Fitness Tracker



We tried to be physically active the past couple of days to test out the Samsung Gear Fit 2. We wore it as we went indoor cycling, to the gym (and no, we’re not talking about a Pokemon Gym) and even while we followed home workout videos. Of course, we also tried it for everyday wear. Here’s what we think of Samsung’s newest wearable fitness tracker.

 Gear Fit2 Specs

1.5-inch Curved Super AMOLED Display (216×432 Resolution)
1GHz Dual-Core Exynos 3250
4GB Internal Storage
200mAh Battery
Bluetooth v4.1
IP68 Certified Water and Dust Resistance
Compatible with Android KitKat 4.4 Devices and Up


Sporty, Casual Look

For the most part, we expect fitness trackers to be more functional than fashionable. The Samsung Gear Fit2 somewhat managed to be both. It has a large, slightly curved, colorful screen with a customizable display to suit your taste. It’s perfect for those with large wrists; however, the tradeoff is that it does not fit those with slim wrists very well. Sporty, casual people probably wouldn’t mind wearing the Gear Fit2 daily but the “weekend warriors” would probably just use it on active days.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 comes in 3 colors: Classic Black, Metallic Blue and Deep Pink.


A Lot of Options to Track Your Stats

 The Gear Fit2 tracks more than just calories and the number of steps. It also tracks your heart rate, floors climbed and if you’re patient enough to input the data, water and caffeine consumption.

It gives a lot of options when it comes to activity type so it can give a more accurate reading of your fitness results. The choices are not just limited to running but also includes, hiking, cycling, step machine, exercise bike, elliptical training, treadmill, lunges, squats, Pilates, yoga, rowing machine and if your activity does not fall into any of those categories, you can always select “other workout”.   We just can’t help but wish that the Gear Fit2 and other fitness trackers had a “weight training” option, since it seems to be a staple for many fitness enthusiasts today.


One of the nicest features of the Gear Fit2 is its automatic workout tracking. It detects the moment you start being active and will give you stats on your speed, distance traveled and calories burned. Of course, this feature is more accurate for some activities, such as running, than others.

Listen to Your Favorite Tunes While Working Out

An interesting feature of the Gear Fit2 is its ability to stream music to a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Stay entertained and listen to your favorite tunes as you burn the fat and sweat it out.


Health Nudges to Keep You Active

One of the great things about the Gear Fit2 is that it reminds you to stay active. When we remained seated for 50 minutes straight, we got a friendly reminder from the watch to “get on our feet”.

Fast Charging with Long Battery Life

 Gear Fit2 lasted about 2 days on a single charge – pretty impressive considering all the fitness tracking it does. When you do have to charge, you don’t have to wait very long as the battery can be at 100% in less than an hour.


The Verdict

The Samsung Gear Fit2 is perfect for active people who want to track their progress and performance. It’s a huge step up from the Gear Fit1 that tried to be both a fitness tracker and a smart watch and ended up disappointing a lot of its users. The Gear Fit2 knows exactly what it is: a fitness tracker and it does a very good job at that. While you can definitely get a similar product for cheaper, Gear Fit2 offers a beautiful and functional display that allows you to do away with your phone as you can view all the stats from there. The Samsung Gear Fit2 retails for Php 8,490.

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