Samsung Introduces QLED Displays to Southeast Asia

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We were in Singapore recently for Samsung’s Southeast Asian Forum; an event they hold annually to showcase the best that the Korean brand has to offer from the consumer electronics side of the tech spectrum. While Samsung showed us a handful of appliances ranging from their newest crop of air-conditioners, twin loading washing machines, and the second iteration of the roomba-like Powerbot, the stars of the show were definitely their QLED displays that they first introduced at CES earlier this year.
How do QLED or Quantum-Dot displays differ from other displays? The easy answer would be to simply say better picture quality, but we already know that Samsung produces some of the best displays in the market. What have they done this time around for the company to tout that these pump out the best picture quality to date? Two things come to mind when we talk about picture quality of any display,  the two C’s,  color and contrast.

In terms of color,  Samsung gave us a direct comparison to the current darling of displays — OLED or WOLED. While OLED displays certainly pumps out great looking colors, QLED had 100% color volume; that means the ability to display more colors and not have them get washed out at higher brightness. Lets talk about the contrast, they’ve outfitted their latest displays with a way to automatically tweak its contrast setting depending on the ambient light in the room; giving you the best picture possible. The best way we can describe how this functions is its pretty much the same thing with the auto brightness settings on your phone.

Samsung’s QLED TV’s are also meant to bring a touch of style in to your home or office. It offers several ways to mount the TV depending on its intended use. On the convention floor, we’ve seen it mounted on what we can only describe as a tripod; perfect for using it for showroom floors when featuring products or for teaching situations. They also had gorgeous looking TV stands that is sure to bring a clean and modern look to any home. If you decide to mount the TV on your wall, they mount almost flush against the wall and have figured a way to keep cable management clean with their mounting system; even with their new soundbars as well.

It wasn’t all about TVs either as they’ve brought the same tech into their monitors. If you’re a gamer or handle content, we’re sure you’ll appreciate how these colors really show through in their new displays.

Price and availability for the QLED panels wasn’t discussed at the Samsung SEA Forum but, when these TV’s and monitors hit the scene locally, we highly advise you guys to check one of their demo units because they really are something else.

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