Samsung is Readying a Refurbished Phone Program

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According to international news agency Reuters, Samsung is prepping up an official “refurbished phone program” where the company will be offering reconditioned premium devices at discount pricing. The program is slated to launch “as early as next year.”

In a report on Monday, Reuters’ source disclosed that the refurbished phones would be coming from Samsung’s one-year upgrade program, from the US and South Korean markets. It’s unclear at this point how much Samsung will be pegging the discounts at, or where the program will be launched.

Implementing this refurbished phone program would give Samsung extra mileage with their previous next-gen offerings, as well as an additional revenue stream to boot. It’s a win-win situation at that point for Samsung and for the budget-conscious consumer.

Imagine grabbing a reconditioned Samsung Galaxy Note7 (or whatever’s hot next year) for 50% to 70% of its retail price. Hey, that’s not a bad deal at all! We await Samsung’s refurb program with bated breath.

Source: Engadget

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