Samsung launches Wireless Audio Docking Speakers

Samsung launches full line-up of Wireless Audio Docking Speakers

Samsung Wireless Audio Docking Speakers land in the Philippines

Last week, Samsung Philippines officially presented their full line-up of wireless audio docking speakers to selected media and bloggers in a series of intimate events held in Fort, Taguig City. This marks the entry of Samsung into the speaker dock category which is currently very fragmented and has no clear local market leader. It will be interesting to see though how distribution will play out for Samsung since most of the fast selling speaker docks are carried by stores that bring in their own brands (Digital Walker, Power Mac Center, etc).

The line-up is composed of four products. Two are entry level and priced at Php7,990. The third model sells for Php12,990 and the last model is the very best of them all but it will cost you a whopping Php29,990.

Meet the New Samsung Wireless Audio Docking Speaker Family


DA-E550 (Php7,999)
The first entry level model is a horn-type speaker dock that has 10 watts (5 watts per side), Bluetooth connectivity, and phase plug type speakers. It’s dual docking and it can accommodate majority of Android devices and iOS gadgets save for the iPad (your iPhone will work though).


DA-E570 (Php7,990)
Practically has the same features as the first model. Only main difference is the design. The other entry level model was horn-type while this one is your usual box-type speakers.


DA-E650 (Php12,990)
We wrote about this product already in a previous article which you can read here. To summarize though this model has far better sound quality due to the upgraded speaker drivers (40 watts total), digital bass boost, and Power Bass Feature. It also packs Bluetooth connectivity and your usual aux-in. Obviously like the previous models this one also can do dual-docking.

King of the Hill — DA-E750

DA-E750 (Php29,990)
Finally we get to the king of the hill, the DA-E750. This speaker has a total of 100 watts and has a vacuum tube amp inside (woot). This set-up basically delivers more natural and airy sound especially the longer you keep it playing. Just like the previous models this one is dual-docking. An added feature though is that it has a built-in wireless LAN card which enables it to do AirPlay using Apple devices.

Here’s the official promotional video for the DA-E750:

The speaker docks are available now in Samsung stores in malls. GO GO GO! 😛

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