Samsung May Rebrand Galaxy Note 7 To Galaxy Note FE

And no, it doesn’t stand for fiery explosion

It’s almost a certainty that Samsung will be re-releasing its Galaxy Note 7 to the public later this year. The Galaxy Note 7 is still one of the best big-screen, small-body phones that we’ve ever reviewed, and many people are eagerly awaiting the return of the Korean company’s phablet to stores. But a problem remains – how do you market the phone to consumers while trying to keep its explosive history at bay?

For Samsung, the answer is simple – give it a new name. The Galaxy Note 7 is widely rumored to be launched with the Galaxy Note 7R moniker (R is for refurbished) but if Korean outlet ET News is to be believed, Samsung will giving the ill-fated phablet a new name.

Citing a plurality of mobile communication companies’ as its source, ET News has said that Samsung will be renaming the Galaxy Note 7 to Galaxy Note FE or Fandom Edition, in an effort to downplay the refurbished smartphone image. Around 300,000 refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices are set to be released come June, and the new/old phones will come with smaller batteries and will cost 30% less than the original.


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  1. Samsung Galaxy Note FE – Failed Example.

    Good thing Samsung knows how to learn from their mistakes.

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