Samsung Might Have Revealed the Galaxy S8 in their Latest Commercial

A few days ago, the rumor grapevine was abuzz with leaked phone and casing renders of Samsung’s upcoming flagship handset, the Galaxy S8. Peripherals¬†manufacturers Mobile Fun and Ghostek both unveiled two different images of the Galaxy S8 clad in different casings. A Slashleaks tipster also threw in their hat into the fray by uploading another S8 case on the website. Publicity leaks everywhere!

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Mobile Fun’s S8 render with an unnamed clear case.


Ghostek’s S8 render with their Atomic case.


A Slashleak leakster’s S8 case render leak.

Not to be outdone by these third-party leaksters, Samsung might have done some leaking of their own through its latest commercial. In their newest ad featuring AMOLED screens, the Korean electronics giant showcased an unnamed handset as an example using the display technology. The said smartphone matches the design of the earlier leaked renders too. Could this be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship? Uber slim bezels, check. No physical home button, check. You be the judge.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumored for a mid-April 2017 release window. You can bet that we’ll be getting plenty of more leaks on Samsung’s next flagship as that date closes in.

Source: Forbes

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