Samsung Puts a Hold on Oreo Updates for the S8 and S8+

No Oreo for the S8 and S8+… Yet.

Samsung is slated to unveil their newest iterations of their S series of devices at Mobile World Congress in a little over a week. While there is much excitement about what the new flagship devices may bring, last year’s model is still getting some love by getting updated to Android Oreo… Or so we thought.

Initially rolled in a few European countries plus India and the UAE, Samsung has decided to push the pause button on getting the update to more of their customers. There’s no confirmed reason behind the sudden halt for S8 and S8+ users to get their dose of Oreo but it could the fact that the Korean is working on new firmware to possibly smoothen the transition; though don’t quote us on that and take it with a grain of salt.

The update should be arriving soon, so sit tight if you own the Samsung flagships from 2017.

If you’re curious about what the Samsung Galaxy S9 could possibly bring to the table, click on the links below:

Galaxy S9 and S9+ To Use “Intelligent Scan” Feature

Galaxy S9 and S9+ To Use “Intelligent Scan” Feature

Galaxy S9 and S9+ To Use “Intelligent Scan” Feature


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