Samsung Reminds Everyone Of Its Innovation With Smartphone Cameras

All detailed in an infographic

Following the launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, Samsung has made a disruption in innovation through introducing the first variable aperture camera found in a smartphone.

However, Samsung is not stopping there. In fact, the South Korean company made a detailed infographic documenting its smartphone camera innovations for the past 18 years, starting with their first phone with a camera back in 2000 with the V200.

In the infographic, Samsung highlighted 10 phones from an 18-year timeline. Notable phones include:

  • Wide-and-tele lens options on the V770,
  • Burst shooting with the Galaxy S3,
  • Integrated zoom lens with the Galaxy S4 Zoom,
  • Real-time HDR with the Galaxy S5,
  • Dual pixel autofocus with the Galaxy S7, and
  • Dual OIS with the Galaxy Note 8

Check out the infographic below:


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