Samsung Showed Off Their Galaxy X Foldable Phone Behind Closed Doors In CES

Folks say it’s almost ready for production

While Samsung says that a production version of its foldable Galaxy X smartphone might still not be ready for prime time, that didn’t stop them from showing off a “nearly finished” version of the device during the recently concluded CES.

Industry insiders that caught a glimpse of the phone that was showed off behind closed doors say that the phone is almost ready for production. Samsung allegedly showed off two versions of the prototype – one that folded in, and one that folded out, though it looks like Samsung will be using the “infolding” version since the outfolding variant had a higher curvature when folded which hurts overall durability.

As for the actual screen size, the Galaxy X is expected to have a 7.3-inch display, which is big enough to comfortably watch videos with. After you’re done, the folding capabilities of the phone allow it to be tucked neatly into your pocket.

“Samsung attracted more clients to the private meeting compared to last year. The phone development seems to be almost finished, raising expectations for the phone launch,” said a person with knowledge of the CES meeting that took place on January 10. We’ll have to see later this year if the company is able to release their revolutionary new phone later this year.


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